Central Vacuum Repair & Maintenance

central vacuum repair

Central Vacuums have become an essential part of our lives today. Whether you like it or not, the house needs to be cleaned and one of the easiest & most efficient way to do that is to use a Central Vacuum. Not only they are easy to use, they are one of the best tools to fight allergens and indoor pollutants. Today there are over a dozen different makes on the market. Some of the big names include: Electrolux central vacuum, Beam central vacuum, Eureka builtin vacuum system, Vacuflo system, Kenmore central vacuum & many more.

In order to have a vacuum that sucks ( in a good way) you need to have it maintained properly and regularly.  Below is a list of the most common problems and solution with Central Vacuums.

Use the contact form below or call us and we would gladly book you an appointment to come to your house and check your Central Vacuum System.

Low or No Suction:

  • Make sure your Central Vacuum is getting power to it and is turning on.
  • Check the unit itself, make sure it’s empty and the filter is clean. If your system use bags, make sure you replace them when they are 3/4 full.
  • Check all the inlets in your house, if you still have suction issues please give us a call.

Power Nozzle Does not Start:

  • If your power nozzle is electric make sure there is power in the electric socket where the power head is plugged in.
  • Look for any burnt receptacles or loose wire on the power head or the hose handle. If you see any please bring in your hose and power head to get a FREE estimate on fixing it.
  • If your power nozzle runs on suction and it’s not electric. Disconnect the power nozzle and try turning the roller brush. If it turns freely, it indicates that you probably have a suction issue. Please give us a call. If the roller brush is not turning at all, bring in your power nozzle for repair.

Do you service all makes of Central Vacuum Systems?

Almost. We service 99% of them. Some of the oldest central vacuum units out there were manufactured by companies that no longer exist, so finding parts isn’t always easy, but we can certainly upgrade your vacuum unit in those cases.

How long do Central Vacuum last?

It really depends on the usage and maintenance. With normal usage and a regular tune up and maintenance every 5 years, your central vacuum will last up to 20 years.

Can I purchase parts from you and fix my own Central Vacuum?

Absolutely. Check out our Central Vacuum Parts Page below or contact us with the make, model and the parts you need. https://thevacuumcentre.com/product-category/central-vacuum-system/central-vacuum-parts/