At The Vacuum Centre we offer our customers complete protection with the Preventative Maintenance Programs for your Electrolux Vacuum. Each program entails a complete and thorough inspection, followed by any necessary service. Recommended every 3 to 5 years, this service can improve the performance and maintain the long life of your Vacuum Cleaner.

Electrolux Central Vacuum Repair

    1. A Continuity Test is performed before servicing;Centralux Central Vacuum
    2. Inspection of the Motor fans, bearings, armature and carbon brushes for wear;
    3. Inspection of the motor seals;
    4. Inspection of the motor screen;
    5. Inspection of control board;
    6. Inspection of the filter switch;
    7. Inspection of the filter;
    8. Inspection of the hose for blockage;
    9. Inspection of the hose switch and the wiring harness;
    10. Inspection of the wands.

Electrolux Canister Vacuum Repair

11 Point Preventative Maintenance Program

    1. A Continuity Test is performed before Motor Inspection;Electrolux-Classic-Canister
    2. Inspection of fans;
    3. Inspection of bearings;
    4. Inspection of armature for wear;
    5. Inspection of carbon brush;
    6. Cordwinder mechanical operation checked;
    7. Inspection of spring assembly;
    8. Inspection of plug and cleaning of cord and cordwinder contacts;
    9. Electrical and safety tests performed;
    10. Inspection of switches;
    11. Inspection of Suction Control Mechanism.

Electrolux Power Nozzle Repair

    1. A Continuity Test is performed before servicing;
    2. Inspection of brush, bearings and pulley assembly;
    3. Inspection of drive belt for frayed edges or damage;
    4. Examination of motor, clean and tighten bolts;
    5. Inspection of armature and carbon brush wear;
    6. Inspection of the power nozzle cord and circuit breaker operation;
    7. Cleaning of air ducts, interior and exterior of the unit;
    8. Operational and electrical safety tests are performed.


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