Electrolux Vacuums – Central Vac

This Centralvac can be installed in either existing homes or homes under construction. The powerful motor offers more than twice the suction power of most portable vacuum cleaners and noise is virtually eliminated with the main unit hidden in the basement or garage. This Centralvacs 6-gallon, rustproof tank is bagless, saving money and the tank only needs to be emptied twice a year with normal use.

Electrolux Vacuums – Canisters

Electrolux Guardian

Electrolux guardian canister vacuumElectrolux Guardian CanisterThe Guardian is a completely sealed, HEPA system with 99.97% efficiency in removing particles 0.3 microns and larger from the air you breathe. It is a 3-motor brushless system that produces 395 air watts of cleaning power and comes with an unprecedented 15-year warranty.

Electrolux Legacy

Electrolux Legacy canister vacuumElectrolux Legacy CanisterThe unique L-shape designed power nozzle with headlight provides front, side, and rear cleaning of table and chair legs. When used with its convenient attachments, the Legacy can clean not only your carpets and floors, but also walls, drapes, upholstery, ceilings, window screens, bedding, mini blinds, and overhead fans.

Electrolux Classic Canister

Electrolux-Classic-CanisterThe 2-motor system in the 12 lb. Classic provides powerful suction for efficient cleaning in a compact form. It comes equipped with a 20 foot power cord and automatic rewind, on-board tools, and a thermal protector that shuts off the motor to prevent overheating in an emergency.

Electrolux Vacuums – Uprights

Electrolux Guardian Upright

Electrolux Upright VacuumElectrolux UprightThis model comes with many automatic protection features like, if an object is entangled in the power nozzle, it automatically shuts off to prevent damage to the belt and motor; the motor automatically shuts down if it overheats; and the Guardian will not operate without a filter bag, protecting the motor.

Electrolux Commercial Upright

Electrolux Commercial UprightThe Commercial comes equipped with an extra wide 15-inch cleaning path to cover more area for faster cleaning; powerful commercial motor that can handle carpet and bare floors with equal efficiency; a 50 ft long cord; a reinforced power nozzle, bag housing, and handle that gives added durability.

Air Filtration and Purification System

Lux-Guardian-Platinum-AirOur Air Purification System uses a powerful motor to circulate air in a room for higher purification levels. Air Purifiers without motors cannot move the air in the room and leave it unclean. Our four-level filtration technology provides unprecedented, patent-pending purification of indoor air pollution.

• Phase 1:  An ion generator charges particles which are then attracted to and trapped by the filter for exceptional efficiency, all without emitting harmful ozone.

• Phase 2: A Photocatalytic Oxidation process occurs when the UV light strikes the titanium dioxide (TiO2) and interacts with water vapor creating a powerful oxidizer which control contaminants.

• Phase 3: A carbon layer prefilters large particles and odors, such as cigar and cigarette smoke.

• Phase 4: A waterproof polypropylene filter captures the tiniest particles that may remain and prevents the absorption of water