Don’t throw that vacuum cleaner away just yet! Most people tend to discard their vacuum cleaners at the first sign of malfunction. It’s usually too much hassle to get the part you need, or the spare part is ridiculously overpriced. So most of the time you just end up buying a new machine altogether, save some of your hard-earned cash!

At The Vacuum Centre we supply all the necessary components to repair your vacuum cleaner, with our vast resource of spare parts , our highly skilled team of expert vacuum cleaner service technicians, we are capable of repairing your vacuum cleaner in an efficient manner. And yes, we service all makes and models!

Our vacuum cleaner repair technicians are the most methodical and rapid operators in the business, offering first-class service and the fastest turnaround time possible, fixing 90% of problems within a 3 day period.

What is included in a vacuum cleaner service?

  • Exterior Service Check;
  • Breakage to the plug & socket;
  • Check control switches are fastened and secured;
  • Interior & Mechanical Maintenance Check;
  • Check paneling for physical imperfections;
  • Clean & clear Filters, Inlets and exhausts clean, remove any debris;
  • Check Suction effectiveness and blockages;
  • Check belts where applicable;
  • Lead check, for any exposed wiring, flex of cord, insulation tape;
  • Cloth Bags checked;
  • Air brush clean machine interior & exterior and deodorize;
  • Includes Test and Tagging if required;
  • Minor Repairs.


Lets make your vacuum suck again!