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Cyclo Vac Vacuum Bags GS210,


Package of 3 electrostatic bags for Cyclo Vac vacuum bags. These disposable bags with 3 notches ensure constant maximum vacuum power, no matter the volume of dust inside.

  • Also fits GS 200, 300, 310, 700, 710. GX 210, 300, 310, 700, 710 & Constructor models

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Cyclo Vac Vacuum Bags GS210 & More

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Cyclo Vac

1 review for Cyclo Vac Vacuum Bags GS210,

  1. Bob Reimer

    The just purchased the new Cyclovac unit. It is without a doubt the best unit I’ve ever had. Over the years have had Electrolux – Beam and a Kenmore, not even in the same league. One of the reasons we changed our old Beam was the noise level. It was so loud that to be in the garage when it was in use required wearing hearing protection(no exaggeration). This unit is about 20% of that level, and the suction is near double. Service was great and can’t recommend the unit enough.

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